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Cass Noelle grew up listening to the great female troubadours of our time. Revered artists like Brandi Carlile, Joni Mitchell, The Cranberries, and Jewel were among her first inspirations to pick up a guitar at age 12. 

The eastern Pennsylvania native’s influences stretch beyond the “chick folk” of her formative years. Cass draws inspiration from a vast array of artists, from megastar showmen like David Bowie and Billy Joel to architects of “beautifully sad” compositions, like The Civil Wars and Over the Rhine. 

Through it all, Cass's influences all share a common thread: they willfully leave an enduring imprint on the hearts of their listeners. 

“I like music that evokes something in your spirit,” she states. 

It is a similar affinity for human connection that helps Cass communicate her own imperfect journey through songwriting. Having experienced both overwhelming love and devastating loss, she has come to understand human beings as messy, complicated creatures, and writes songs that encourage listeners to find inspiration in their own stories. 

“I tend to write songs of hope and strength, while paying homage to the feelings that bring us there,” Cass says. “It doesn’t matter if someone’s situation is the same as mine. Whatever mud you’re trudging through, you’ll get there and you’re not alone.” 


A shift in confidence. 

The past decade has presented Cass with a multitude of opportunities to come into alignment with her truth. One particularly impactful experience took place in the fall of 2017, when she embarked on a solo road trip – with no clear destination in mind. 

That trip took Cass from Pennsylvania, through the Smoky Mountains all the way to Nashville, before passing through Kentucky on the way to Cincinnati. Along the way, she made memorable connections, and performed at venues including Nashville’s Tennessee Brew Works and Cincinnati’s Music Over the Rhine Pub. 

“I slept in the back of the car or in my hammock for that whole week, and it was the best week of my life. Wherever God told me to go, I just went,” she recalls. “That week was instrumental in a shift in my confidence. It taught me to be comfortable in my own skin.” 

That sense of camaraderie – discovered hundreds of miles away from home – inspires Cass to help others find community while her own journey continues to take shape. 

That journey brought her to a new role in 2020: motherhood. Welcoming her daughter into the world has allowed Cass to “view people through a more compassionate lens,” and has empowered her to serve as a strong example by creating a life she loves. 

Whether she is writing and performing music, making art, or enjoying nature with her daughter, Cass Noelle is here – and she’s ready to live fully. 

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